The current monthly fee structure, which is based on the amount of pool time (not number of sessions) you swim each week.

The fee income needed by the club to cover core running costs of pool hire, coaching etc (around £65,000 pa!) is calculated (taking into account bank holidays, Christmas etc and other times when sessions are not run) and used to determine the fee levels charged, these then being divided into 12 equal amounts for bank standing order payment.
The fee bands are:
30 mins pool time/week   £22/month
1-1.5 hrs/week                 £25/month
2-3 hrs/week                    £30/month
3.5-4 hrs/week                 £40/month
4.5-6 hrs/week                 £45/month
6-5-8.5 hrs/week              £55/month




All Swimming Clubs affiliated to the ASA have to pay an annual membership fee per member. For this, the ASA provides the Club with many support services, and helps fund the Regional (South West) and County (Somerset) branches of the Association and the work and events they are involved in. The fee also covers the necessary insurance for our swimmers and helpers, covering Civil Liability, Personal Accident and Legal Advice. The pools we train at require us to provide them with a copy of this Insurance Certificate, as a condition to our hire of the pool.

The fees vary depending on which Category of member you are:

Category 1
‘ASA Category 1 membership is for members of any age who are learning to swim or who are swimmers at any level, who do not compete in any discipline in open competition (other than those exempted under Law 321.1.2 and those competitions designated as ‘Low Level Competition’.

For Chard this covers new young members and others who train but do not compete or only compete at Club Galas or Junior League (low level competition).

Category 2
‘ASA Category 2 membership is for all members of any age who compete in any discipline in open competitions (other than those exempted under Law 321.1.2 and those competitions designated as ‘Low Level Competition’.

For Chard this covers those members age 9 and over who compete in Open Meets, Somerset Age Groups & Championships, Arena League etc., as well as Club Galas.

Category 3
‘ASA Category 3 membership is for all members of any age who are not in categories one or two including, but not being limited to, any persons who have voting rights in their club by virtue of being a parent of, or a person with parental responsibility for, a member in categories one or two; administrators; associate members; coaches; helpers; honorary members; life members; officers; qualified officials of any discipline; patrons; teachers; temporary members; vice-presidents and verifiers or tutors of the Association’s educational certificates’.

For Chard this covers all Committee Officers and Committee Members, Officials, Coaches and Poolside Helpers, and Parent Helpers/Parents on Pool Rotas.

The fees you will see for each Category on the ASA site only show the portion of the fee that goes to the (National) ASA. We also have to pay an additional fee on each Member Category which goes to the ASA South West Region branch, and also the ASA Somerset County branch.

In the past Chard Swimming Club has paid these fees out of its funds, but partly as a consequence has been running at a loss in recent years. With increasing costs of pool hire, coaching etc. it has become necessary to pass these Annual Membership Fees onto swimmers – in line with most other Swimming Clubs. The charge you pay will depend on your Category of membership, and also includes an element towards the cost of our Category 3 members and the necessary Police Checks they have to have. They all give a considerable amount of their time to the Club voluntarily and we wouldn’t be able to run the Club at all without their ongoing help and commitment.